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Pete Moore

Interface Artist

Burlington, VT


I am a user interface designer and artist who develops interactive physical installations as well as digital products. Currently, I work as a UI/UX Designer for Generator's Mixed Reality Lab.

Stubbornness, unchecked curiosity, and a part-time gallery gig left me with a history, interest, and future with curation, new media, design, development, as well as a multi-disciplinary background that allows them all to be tied together.



Web Application Interface

Majorwise is a matchmaker software that automates the job and internship search process for employers and high school students and volunteers. The Majorwise team connects local businesses with students for internships, volunteering, and part-time jobs. They work directly with high schools, high school students, and businesses from across the country to pair employable students with internships and full-time positions with prospective companies.

Majorwise was a very interesting project to work on, particularly because I was able to see it develop from the conceptual stages to its release ready form. Though I was originally only contracted to work on a visual identity project, I eventually found myself creating a complete overhaul for the site’s interface. Working between developers, sales, and management, I spent much of my time acting as a design liaison, making sure the product met the needs of each of these groups as well as the prospective user base.

International Year of Indigenous Languages

Design Document



Interactive Installation

Emotional Support Terminal is an artistic response to the shift in technology and culture that occured in response to digitalization and the development of new media. EST establishes the framework for a digital gallery that breaks the conventions of both online galleries and traditional gallery settings, falling somewhere between and hopefully somewhere beyond.

The typical approaches to displaying digital and especially web content in formal art galleries have had difficulty framing new media in a way that elicits and encourages interactivity from the audience. Gallery audiences have been conditioned not to touch, but breaking these conventions may change that.

She Loves Me Nautical

Interactive Installation

My current art practice deals with the concept of user interface in physical space, manifesting itself in alternative controllers and interactive art pieces. She Loves Me Nautical was my first step into that world, blending illustration, poetry, electronics, and woodworking to create a bizarre interactive landscape.

The intent behind She Loves Me Nautical was to create a mobile poetry vending machine that is controlled by an atypical physical interface. Users have to interact with the controller and learn how it works as part of the greater system in order to receive a poem. The poems used in the project were collected from artists that I met in the Burlington area, using the title of the piece as a writing prompt.

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Curated Exhibition

Intersections explores the meeting points of poetic meaning and typographical form.

With a thematic focus on convergence, Maggie DeCapua and I assembled a selection of poems by Champlain College students and displayed them as a singular typographic installation.

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Sticker Workshop

Campus Event Series

Sticky Pete?

I ran a series of sticker workshops around the Champlain College campus as a way to give back to the community and interact with the younger members of my program. I worked with many different departments within the school to pull them off, from Residential Life to the Division of Communication and Creative Media. My latest workshop was ran as an official event for the Emergent Media Center, and doubled as a promotional event for their in house makerspace. All of the workshops were self funded, self organized, and a hell of a good time.

In the workshop I covered the basics of making hand drawn slaps. Open to all students of any level of artistic ability, the lesson plan varied from time to time. I covered the basics of creating two dimensional form using shadows, highlights, and lineweight.I also taught different lamination processes, from simple scotch tape solutions to using single sided adhesive contact paper.



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